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IBM Notes/Domino 10.0/10.0.1 Release Notice - "Top 20" Fix List
January 11, 2019

IBM Notes/Domino 10.0 is a major feature release that offers modern application development methods and deployment that can boost your existing investments and reduce your total cost of ownership. For an overview of new features and enhancements, review the Notes/Domino 10.0 software announcement.

IBM Notes/Domino 10.0.1 is now out and supersedes 10.0. All links below will focus on 10.0.1 system requirements and download links. IBM Domino 10.0.1 delivers new features to accelerate modern application development and deployment and also adds Mac support. See the Notes/Domino 10.0.1 software announcement for full details.

Download options
  • For information on how to download Notes 10.0.1, see technote #0738469 (old: 10.0 technote #0731723)
  • For information on how to download Domino 10.0.1, see technote #0738463 (old: 10.0 technote #0731721)
Important Notices
  • Index of system requirements for Notes, Domino, Domino Administrator, Domino Designer & Notes Traveler, see technote #7007909
  • IBM Notes 10.0.1 System Requirements, see technote #0737113 (old: 10.0 technote #0733451)
  • New features for developers in IBM Domino and Domino Designer 10.0.1, see technote #0737063
  • IBM Domino Designer and Administrator Clients 10.0 System Requirements, see technote #0733721
  • IBM Domino 10.0.1 System Requirements, see technote #0737115 (old: 10.0 technote #0733629)

Fixes contained in this Maintenance Release

Notes/Domino 10.0/10.0.1 contains fixes for approximately 2000 known issues, of which the "top 20" are listed below.  This list was compiled to identify the issues that most significantly impact customers.  Issues were measured by the SPR severity level, the number of hotfixes given out, the number of customers reporting the issue, and the business impact to customers.  For a complete list of SPRs fixed in Notes/Domino 10.0 or 10.0.1 (both are under construction), see the By Release view of the Notes/Domino Fix List. All issues fixed in 9.0.1 FP10 Interim Fixes are included in 10.0.

Note: A plus symbol (+) before the SPR number indicates a fix for a regression bug. A regression bug is an issue that was introduced in a Maintenance Release that did not exist in previous releases of that code stream. For example, a bug that appears in Release 10.0.1 but did not exist in Release 10.0 is a regression.

10.0 "Top 20" Fix List

  • SPR #RREN8G2N6L - Fixed a printing defect that caused the printed output to be different thant what was being displayed on screen for a MIME email message. For example, if hide details was selected to suppress the to/cc list, that info would print out. With this fix, it will remain suppressed.
  • SPR #SJCN8K6KYX - Vertical Scroll bars will now appear in mail preferences Mail signature rich text dialog if typing in a longer signature. This will allow the user to scroll up and down making it easier to edit the signature.
  • SPR #BHUY7PEEQ9 - Notes 10.0 will now spellcheck across multiple languages on windows in a single document. This feature is not available on the mac. This feature is on by default and can be disabled with a new ini SPELL_DISABLE_MULTIPLE_LANG_CHECK=1.
  • SPR #CSMHAG9M5K - Fixed numerous display issues with Notes client on 4k displays.
  • +SPR #NKAH9RWEK9 - Fixed an issue with blank/generic icons appearing for shortcut link attachments. On Windows, a user can create a shortcut link to a file. This shortcut has the icon of the associated program. Prior to this fix, if the shortcut was attached in a rich text field in Notes, the icon would be a generic icon. This was a regression introduced in 9.0.
  • SPR #TYITA548NJ - Fixed an issue in iNotes related to auto-save that would lead to either duplicate attachments being sent or multiple attachments beginning with ATTxxx in the attachment name. These duplicate attachments would show up in sent or draft mail.
  • SPR #ZKCO8ZZ9ZU - Increased the block sender list by 10x. Now if you choose the action for [Deliver Sender's mail to Junk] you can add 10 times as many senders/users to the list.
  • SPR #NNAI8ZZ4EK - Fixed an issue that would prevent mail going to an internet user when the mail file was going over quota. Messages sent to Notes recipients would be sent but not MIME formatted recipients. After this fix, all users get sent the message despite going over quota.
  • SPR #MPAA6PQCHK - Added support for the Notes client to send mail directly to an SMTP server that supports STARTTLS. Prior to this fix, sending SMTP outbound mail directly to the internet using Notes Client with an SSL enabled account yielded an SSL handshake error. Both client and template code were modified for this fix.
  • SPR #MWID7LWRJ7 - Fixed an issue where the ini ShowPreviewCollapsedInitially=1 would not honor all cases of collapsing the preview pane in the mail inbox. Now this ini can be pushed out via policy and handle all cases for primary user or mail file delegate.

  • SPR #MJTM9R2P8P - Fixed a potential crash involving both Domino and Traveler when a bad document was encountered.
  • SPR #MIAS99HP2S - Fixed a potential Domino Server hang that could occur with databases that were <ODS 51.
  • SPR #LMAN7QPHSU - Fixed mail policy Sender Colors to accept multiple values. Before this fix, the policy would not work if it contained more than one sender name.
  • SPR #KLIN5GHRZR - Fixed an LDAP performance issue. The Domino LDAP server has slow response time when search filters contain attributes that are telephone numbers. This fix enables LDAP queries to use FT index for locating the telephonenumber attribute. It can be enabled by adding LDAPUseFTSearchTelephone=1 to the INI file. One caveat is that the search must match the telephone number exactly, including parentheses, dashes, or other non-numeric characters.
  • SPR #TOCL9DVN4K - Prior to this fix, if the 64k limit of password reset authorities was exceeded, password authorities would be removed. After this fix, an error is displayed instead, and no password reset authorities are removed.
  • SPR #MZHO7PM4CC - Fixed an issue that would prevent mail routing to occur If mail.box was being repaired when router is started.
  • SPR #HSPR9DKAAT - Fixed a potential Domino Server crash in database code.
  • SPR #DCOE7X7L3W - Corrected an issue that would show an incorrect warning that would not go away after running Fixup. The message was, WARNING: Residual form bucket bitmap optimization failed validation test.  Please run fixup on this database.
  • SPR #JEKY5ARNPA - Soft deletions are now maintained when creating a new replica. This fix is off by default and can be enabled with the new ini REPL_SOFT_DELETES. To enable the fix, set REPL_SOFT_DELETES=1.
  • SPR #MLAT9FTTE4 - Fixed a policy issue in pubnames.ntf which would prevent the discover page from being suppressed on Notes client.

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